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Baghali Polo with meat and potato soup, garlic yoghurt and tahdig is what you se…

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Dec 25, 2021

Baghali Polo with meat and potato soup, garlic yoghurt and tahdig is what you see in the frame.

Baghali Polo is a persian broad bean and dill rice usually paired with fried fish, lamb shanks or mutton soup.
The garlic yoghurt is just simply garlic mashed and mixed into yoghurt with some salt.
The tahdig is the crispy bit at the bottom of the pot we cook the rice in. We normally put some naan pieces or potato slices at the bottom of the pot with some oil and then layer the 80% cooked rice on top and allow it to cook covered on medium low for about half an hour. Then the rice is immediately removed and we’re left with the crispy naan or potatoes at the bottom which is super delicious!

Anyways, growing up, I was mostly in the kitchen assisting my mom with small jobs around the kitchen everytime she cooked. But later on when mom had to travel to India to take care of my grandmom, I learned to make a lot of proper persian meals from my dad. As far as I remember, I think this meal was the first meal I put together on my own without any help. It has always been a favorite and still is to this day!

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